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How To Use The Nikon P900 (Detailed Guide)


Welcome to this detailed guide on how to use the Nikon P900. If you just got the camera and are new to Nikon systems, this is for you.

We’ll show you everything you need to to know in order to start shooting with this camera. So, without further ado, let’s begin.




How To Use The Nikon P900 — Specs

Also known as the COOLPIX P900, this is a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor camera. It has an average battery life of 360 shots, and a burst rate of 7 frames per second.

The P900 also has Image Stabilization, an articulating screen, and a built-in EVF (electronic viewfinder). This camera also has Face Detection Focus, wireless connectivity.

The Nikon P900 also has a couple of downsides. For instance, it has no touchscreen, and weighs about 900g (quite heavy). It also has no weather sealing, making it impossible to use in harsh weather conditions.



How To Use The Nikon P900 — Before You Power Up The Camera

Note: if you already know the basics, you can skip this part.

I’m sure by now you’re eager to power up the camera. However, there are still a few things you need to do.

First of all, you must put the battery into the camera. You can do this by opening the compartment at the bottom of the camera and putting the battery in.

You also need to put a memory card in the camera. If you are just starting out, don’t bother buying an expensive SD card. A simple inexpensive one will be enough. All you need to do is open up the SD card slot, and insert the card.

Finally, you need to attach the lens to the camera. Look for a white dot on the camera, and look for another white dot on the lens. Simply line the two dots up, and turn until you hear a click.


How To Use The Nikon P900: Buttons Dials and Ports

HDMI port

You can use this to connect your camera to a display for viewing photos or videos.

PLAY button

You can use this button to view your images.

MENU button

This button opens up the menu.


You can use this to navigate through options in the menu and also scroll through picture.

USB port

You can use this to connect your camera to a computer.

Mode dial

With this dial, you can change your shooting mode. We’ll talk more about this in the next section.



How To Use The Nikon P900 — Shooting Modes

As we mentioned in the previous section, the P900 has a mode dial. These are the shooting modes available.

A – aperture priority mode

Using the command dial, you can control the aperture by yourself, while the camera sets the shutter speed.

AUTO mode

In this mode, the camera handles all the settings for you. This is the most ideal option beginners.

M – manual mode

This mode gives you full control over the shutter speed and aperture. The camera will notify you if the exposure is off, but won’t stop you.

P – program mode

In this mode the camera sets the aperture and shutter speed, but still gives you the ability to tweak a few settings.

S – shutter priority mode

This mode gives you the ability to set the shutter speed by yourself, while the camera handles other settings.



How To Use The Nikon P900 — Menu

Note: we have selected the most important functions for this section. To get more info on the rest of the menu, be sure to read the manual.


In the shooting menu you can configure the quality and size of your images. You can also set your white balance, picture control, customize movie settings, and change ISO settings.


In this menu, you can customize things like autofocus, exposure, shooting/display, bracketing/flash, timers/AE lock, and controls.



How To Use The Nikon P900 — Shooting Photo/Video

To take a picture, all you need to do is press the shutter button. If you are in burst mode, pressing the button once will capture multiple images.

If you want to record a video, go in to Live View mode by pressing the live view button. This deactivates the viewfinder, and turns on the LCD screen.

You can start recording by pressing the Record button. Once you’ve finished, press the button again to stop.



How To Use The Nikon P900 — Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nikon P900 a good camera?

While its photo quality may not be much, the Nikon P900 has one of the craziest zoom ranges ever seen on a camera this size. It’s great for landscapes, wildlife photography and even astrophotography.

The Nikon P900 is quite affordable. Its a great camera for all-round photography, and gives great value for the price.


How far can the Nikon P900 zoom?

The Nikon P900 has an 83x optical zoom. This means it has a zoom range of 2000mm. To put this into perspective, it can make far-away objects like the moon seem close. This makes the P900 good for astrophotography.


Is the Nikon P900 good for beginners?

When it comes to price, the Nikon P900 is a good camera for beginners to start with. It has all the basic features and functions needed in a beginner-level camera.

However, as your photography skills improve, you’ll discover that this camera is far from perfect.



That brings us to the end of this guide. These are all basic things you need to know to start shooting with the Nikon P900.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Also check out our other guides and comparisons.